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Mines d’Argent des Rois Francs

Just 15 minutes from us is the silver mine in the historic town of Melle. The exploitation of the mines took place between 7th and 10th century and is claimed to be the oldest silver mine in Europe still open to the public. Although the original entrance to the mine has been lost, over 20km of tunnels still exist underground with 350m open to the public for guided visits.


Le Lambon

The Lambon Leisure and Outdoor Centre is 25 minutes from Forest Gites and has many outdoor activities on offer. Water sports, climbing, mountain biking and lots of hiking on offer. With many picnic tables and a children’s play area this is a fabulous day out for all the family.

La Rochelle and Ile de Re

The picturesque port of La Rochelle is 90 minutes from Forest Gites and has something for everyone. The aquarium is a firm favourite for all ages, admire the ancient towers at the mouth of the port and wander the streets with lots of food options and plenty of fresh fish.

Take the bridge to the Ile de Re for more pretty ports, sandy beaches and plenty of cycle paths. There is a small toll to pay on the bridge but very popular with tourists.

La Rochelle
La Rochelle Aquarium

Vallee Des Singes

The valley of the monkeys! A zoological park located in Romagne, in Vienne. The park presents a great diversity of primates on large vegetated islands with about 30 species presented. The park concentrates heavily on the protection of species and has seen over 700 births since its opening in 1998. This is definitely a must see on your holidays and is a half hour drive from Forest Gites. The park is open from 15th February to 11th November 2020 and is free for children under the age of 3 years


Futuroscope is one of France’s most popular amusement parks based upon multimedia, cinematographic futuroscope and audio-visual techniques. It has several 3D cinemas and a few 4D cinemas with other attractions and shows, some of which are the only examples in the world. It is located in the Vienne department, just north of Poitiers, 56km from Forest Gites. Since its opening in 1987 the park has grown hugely and now offers over 22 attractions. There are 8 restaurants on site so plenty of choice for your day out. Discovery and thrills for everyone, young and old!


Lezay is the closest town and an 8 minute drive away, you will find an Intermarche supermarket here which opens on a Sunday morning until 12.15pm. There are several banks with cash points, pharmacies and cosy cafés. Also the boloungerie is great for fresh baked baguettes and patisseries, chocolat crème eclairs have to be our favourite!

For larger supermarkets and restaurants, Melle is worth a visit. Super U and Intermarche are open Monday – Saturday until 7.30pm and offer a vast range of regional specialities as well as everything you need for your grocery shopping. There are a number of restaurants in Melle including classic French dining, Italian and Vietnamese.